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Daily Bread Evaluation 2013-2014

CP ToolkitChild Povery Toolkit
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Tackling Child Poverty in our Communities

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Project Coordinator Facilitation Guide
Working With the Daily Bread Project The Daily Bread Project is a program led by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa program that teaches basic grocery shopping and lunch making skills to children and their families in schools and community centres. View Guide (pdf)

Daily Bread Project Evaluation
Since 2011, the Daily Bread Project has been reaching out to children and their families living in low-income communities to provide the skills and tools necessary to purchase and prepare healthy snacks and lunches for themselves. This evaluation looks at the project as a whole to assess the progress made in 5 key areas: project approach, accessibility and inclusivity, project coordination, sustainability, and impact to date. Through the use of surveys, interviews, site visits, and personal observations, this evaluation assesses the work that has already been done and recommends next steps.

Kids in the KitchenKids in the Kitchen
Kids in the Kitchen is a complete community action kit containing everything you need to start and run your Kids' Cooking Club



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