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What is The Daily Bread Project?

The Rev. Canon Dr. Bill Prentice and kidsThe Daily Bread Project is an Anglican led program that teaches basic grocery shopping and lunch making skills to public school students. The project began in October 2011 as a pilot at Greater Gatineau Elementary School and has been successful since. Thanks to an annual financial contribution from the Diocese of Ottawa, its parishes and other local partners, once a week an entire class of students at participating schools goes grocery shopping at local supermarkets under the supervision of teachers, parents, Anglican volunteers, and nutritionists deployed from regional health offices. Students are taught how to shop for bargains, read food labels, and in broad terms know the difference between "good" and "bad" food. Students then take the food they collect - which is paid for by the Diocese and its partners - and return to their school where they work together to make simple lunch recipes that they share with their classmates. The project targets child poverty by operating in schools that are flagged as being on the lesser end of the socioeconomic scale. In Quebec, the Ministry of Education provides information on the level of poverty in their schools by ranking them on a 1 to 10 scale (1 being the wealthiest and 10 being the most impoverished) based on parental income. The Daily Bread project targets schools that are rated 7, 8, 9 or 10 on the Ministry's scale, and in doing so delivers a targeted approach. In the Ottawa Carleton District School Board schools facing similar socioeconomic challenges are known as "Beacon Schools."

Why Daily Bread?

Shopping The Daily Bread project represents an instance where the Anglican Church is actively responding to a pressing societal need. Thanks to Daily Bread, the Diocese of Ottawa is now in a position where it can help teach children living in economically disadvantaged families how to make affordable, nutritious meals - an invaluable skill set in the fight to end cyclical poverty. Another positive aspect of this approach is that the potential stigmatization of economically disadvantaged children is greatly reduced when every child who attends a school or community centre is invited to take part in Daily Bread's grocery shopping and cooking lessons. Everyone learns, everyone benefits, and everyone has fun. No child is singled out as being "different" or "poor."

The Daily Bread Project is currently operating at three elementary schools in Western Quebec and at two community centres in Eastern Ontario. Individuals or groups who are interested in expanding the project to their community are invited to contact the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa for more information.

Mission, Vision and Goals

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