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Buttercup Child poverty in our community has reached critical proportions. In his 2009 Charge to Synod Bishop John Chapman expressed his strong desire for our Diocese to develop a concerted response to the growing problem here in our region.

The Community Ministries Development Committee has taken up this challenge. It has created a Child Poverty Task Force to commission background research and to actively engage in the planning process for the Bishop's Child Poverty Initiative.

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New report: Improving childhood nutrition is our best starting place
The Bishop's Office is pleased to announce the release of Labour for Learning: A Strategic Response to Child Poverty in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.
Labour for Learning report (pdf)
Executive summary (pdf)
Daily Bread project backgrounder (pdf)

This comprehensive report by Child Poverty Community Development Assistant Matthew Brown provides a compelling vision for an initial phase of the Bishop's Child Poverty Initiative focused on the improvement of childhood nutrition.

In response to the report, the Diocese plans to launch the Initiative's first pilot project, The Daily Bread Project, at the beginning of October 2011. This is to be the first of a series of community-specific responses to child poverty led by our Diocese.

The Child Poverty Task Force, stablished by the Diocese's Community Ministries Development Committee, continues to meet on a monthly basis and welcomes comments on Labour for Learning via its blog site. The Task Force encourages all members of the Diocese to continue sending in ideas about how best to respond to child poverty in your local area. Ideas can be posted directly at the blog or sent by email to the Task Force leader, the Rev. Brian Kauk.

Contribute information
Clergy and lay leaders may assist the Task Force by taking part in its Child Poverty Internal Audit.

Stay in touch
Members of our Diocesan community can follow the Task Group's progress at the Bishop's Child Poverty Initiative website.

Individuals can also join our online movement through social media: our Facebook page and Twitter account are forums to connect with others concerned about the pressing issue of child poverty in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. People of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to join the movement.

Together as a diocese with extensive community connections, we will do our part to reduce the number of children living in poverty in our community, one child at a time.

Email Matthew Brown

Child Poverty Task Force Mandate (revised) 2011 06 14 (pdf)
2009 Charge to Synod (excerpt) (pdf)
Labour for Learning discussion (external link)

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