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Welcome from the Vicar

On this mountain, the LORD of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wines, of rich food filled with marrow, of well-aged wines strained clear.
Isaiah 25:6

The Reverend Canon Catherine AscahCome on in! There is a veritable feast waiting for you within the walls of Christ Church Cathedral.

A feast for the sun pours through glorious stained glass, reflecting off the richly embroidered altar hangings that change with each season in the Church, marking our own journeys with Christ.

A feast for the ears, as sublime sacred music, offered by highly talented musicians echoes from the vaulted ceiling, and the voices of over 60 young choristers can be heard throughout the week as they prepare to offer the very best of their gifts to the glory of God.

A feast of scents: of coffee brewing, pies baking, soup simmering, and maybe the occasional whiff of incense...

A feast for the touch, as you run your hands along pews and altar rails that have held generations of the faithful, the seeking, and the lost alike - the cloud of witnesses by which God encompasses us.

A feast for the mouth, as you are fed with the bread and wine of Holy Communion, (and the tea and cakes of the Cathedral Women!).

A feast for the soul... as you hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed and preached with thoughtful grace; as you watch the wonder, discovery and amazement of children gathered in the community of believers; as new believers enter into the Body of Christ through the waters of baptism.

Here in this place, the Lord of hosts has made for all peoples a diverse and vibrant place, where all are welcomed, all are fed, and the opportunities abound to offer our God-given gifts to the glory of God and the service of God's people, both here and around the world.

Come on in!

The coffee and tea are always on. There's always room at the table. And bidden or unbidden, God is always present.

Catherine Ascah  +
Pastoral Vicar

Accessibility Features

Wheelchair Access:
Wheelchair A wheelchair accessible door and wheelchair lift are located at the glass entranceway at 414 Sparks Street. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are located on the foyer level by the cloakroom. A ramp from the Nave to the Altar is located on the left-hand side of the Chancel. Some pews are configured to accommodate wheelchairs. Communion can be brought to worshippers in pews: Please advise a Sidesperson or the Duty Warden if you wish to have Communion brought to you.

Assisted Hearing:
Assisted HearingOnWave receivers and headsets are available at the back of the church. Please ask a Sidesperson for a set.

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Parking and entrances

Parking is available in the lot to the east of the Cathedral accessed from Sparks Street. Limited weekday parking is available. Please register your vehicle at the reception desk if you are parking in the lot during the week.

The Cathedral can be accessed during the week via glass entranceway at 414 Sparks Street which is wheelchair accessible. There is a wheelchair lift inside this entrance. This entrance and the lift are staffed by a sidesperson on Sundays and for special services and concerts. During the week, please call ahead to the Cathedral Office if you will require the wheelchair lift.

Cathedral Premises Rentals

Great Hall with LabyrinthThe Cathedral may be available to rent for musical or artistic performances. The church accommodates up to 700 people for services or performances. For meetings and other gatherings, the new meeting rooms in the Crypt offer a unique experience and can accommodate about 30 people. These rooms can be used separately to provide an intimate setting for small groups, or opened to a meeting room that accommodates about 60.

The Great Hall with its commercial grade kitchen can accommodate functions of up to 200 people and includes an 11-circuit labyrinth in the centre of the floor.

Cheryl Mulrooney
(613) 236-9149 x14

We'd love to welcome you

On behalf of the entire Christ Church Cathedral community, the Dean and Vicar welcome you and invite you to get in touch.

The Very Reverend Shane Parker
(613) 236-9149 x16

The Reverend Canon Catherine Ascah
(613) 236-9149 x11

Cathedral Directory

Christ Church Cathedral
414 Sparks Street
Ottawa ON K1R 0B2
Phone: (613) 236-9149

  Position   Name   Contact
Dean of Ottawa and
Rector of Christ Church Cathedral
The Very Rev'd Shane Parker (613) 236-9149 ext 16
Pastoral Vicar The Rev'd Canon Catherine Ascah (613) 236-9149 ext 11

  Position   Name   Contact
Interim Director of Music
and Organist & Principal
Conductor of the Girls'
 James Calkin   613-236-9149 ext 20
Interim Music Associate
and Principal Conductor of
the Choir of Men and
 Andrew McAnerney   613-236-9149 ext 12
Administrator  Josephine Hall  (613) 236-9149 ext 29
Bookkeeper  Cheryl Mulrooney  (613) 236-9149 ext 14
Envelope Secretary  Elizabeth Taylor  (613) 236-9149 ext 40
Rentals  Cheryl Mulrooney  (613) 236-9149 ext 14
WARDENS: 2017-2018
Rector's Warden  Tim Marc
People's Warden  Till Heyde  
Deputy Wardens  Sophie Mundell
 Gillian Wheeler

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