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Cathedral Groups

Cathedral groups are open to all people interested in their activities. Visitors are warmly received and joiners are most welcome!

Altar Guild
Prepare the sanctuary for all liturgies of the Cathedral
Arrange and maintain the sanctuary, Eucharistic vessels, all textiles (vestments, linens, hangings) and floral arrangements

Cathedral Arts

Use the unique Cathedral setting to promote the arts to a broad community... the City of Ottawa and beyond. Raise public awareness and funding for special causes.

Cathedral Arts presents concerts, holds benefit concerts and hosts a guest lecturer series. Concerts presented include Ben Heppner, Isabel Bayrakdarian, I Medici de Montréal, Quartetto Gelato, Donna Brown, Andrew Mah, the National Capital Concert Band, the Capital Jazz Youth Orchestra. Often, the choirs of the Cathedral perform... as feature performers or in accompaniment of other performers. Guest lecturers - addressing issues ranging from climate change to justice to international relations to arts in society - include Supreme Court Justice Beverley McLachlin, Bishop John Chapman, National Arts Centre President and CEO Peter Herrndorf, United National Special Envoy Robert Fowler and British High Commissioner Anthony Cary. Beneficiaries of Cathedral Arts include The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund, the Perley-Rideau Veterans' Health Care Centre, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, to name a few.

Visit Cathedral Arts website
(613) 567-1787

Cathedral Men

Provide fellowship for all men of the Cathedral, and to do good works that benefit the people of the parish and the broader community

▪ Shrove Tuesday "Pancake" Supper
▪ Fellowship through events such as Pizza Nights and
  Lunch In the Country
▪ Raise funds for the Dalhousie Food Cupboard, the
  Cathedral's Restoration Fund, as the
  Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen
▪ Local Poets' Evening to raise funds for
  local adult literacy initiatives
▪ Every Sunday, collect non-perishable food baskets for
  the Dalhousie Food Cupboard
▪ Collect items for, and prepare gift bags for Centre 454's
  Christmas Party

Mark Nicolle

Cathedral Women

Founded in 1885 as the Women's Auxiliary, the Cathedral Women's group has a long history of involvement in the church and in the community.

Cathedral Women raise funds for missionary work and for the Cathedral's ministry.

Cathedral Women contribute significantly to parish finances by donating proceeds of their activities to the Cathedral Corporation.

Cathedral Women provide a social, Christian fellowship atmosphere for all Cathedral women as they provide service to the parish and the broader community.

As part of its missionary work, the group collects new clothing, linens, children's educational materials and toys, etc. and sends 'bales' to northern churches. Those churches then sell the goods to raise funds to support their parishes.

Within the Ottawa community, Cathedral Women support ministries such as The Well drop-in centre, Cornerstone shelter and housing for women, Maycourt Hospice, and The Mission and Daybreak establishments and programs.

To raise funds for its work and for the Cathedral, the group holds a number of events and activities:
  • Holly Tea and Bazaar
  • Spring Teas
  • innumerable cooking, baking and craft "bees" to make items for sale.
Cathedral Women assist with receptions, such as for the Diocesan Synod and Cathedral Vestry meeting, and other Cathedral groups such as Cathedral Arts and the Cathedral Choirs.

Frequently, on Sundays, the Cathedral Women's Table offers baked goods, jams, crafts and other items for sale.

Susan Sibbit

The Compass Rose Society

The Compass Rose Society is a body that supports the work of the Archbishop of Canterbury and enables caring partnerships within the Anglican Communion, which numbers 75 million people in nearly every continent of the world, including places which are impoverished and dangerous. In 2014 a decision was taken to establish a Cathedral Chapter of the Compass Rose Society. The funds for membership were quickly raised, and the Cathedral Chapter, with about a dozen members, was officially established, us to meaningfully engage in ministry with the Anglican Communion as a whole.

Ted McNabb

Dalhousie Food Cupboard

The Cathedral community provides food and financial donations and volunteer support to the Dalhousie Food Cupboard. The Cupboard serves approximately 750 people a month with essential grocery items.

Barbara Morris


Pastoral Care Team

Cathedral Clergy and specially-trained lay personnel support people dealing with all types of challenges, difficult situations and crises.

▪ Prayer
▪ Counsel and counselling
▪ Care and comfort
▪ Personal contact: calls and visits
▪ Holy Communion
▪ Advocacy

The Coordinator acts as a liaison between shut-ins and the clergy by relaying parishioners' needs and requests. Specially-trained lay people lend support in the form of prayer, home visits and phone calls to those who are isolated and alone. Back Home Eucharists and luncheons held during the three festival seasons of the church year - Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving - see the parish's isolated and shut-in seniors brought to the Cathedral to worship together and enjoy informal fellowship afterwards

Josephine Hall
(613) 236-9149 ext. 29


Readers are parishioners, from all ages and groups, who deliver lessons at services. The primary requirements are a good reading voice and a love of sharing scripture with fellow worshippers. The Reader group consists of 35-40 volunteer lay readers and two licensed lay readers.

Ivan Timonin

St. Luke's Table Working Group

The Cathedral�s friendship with St. Luke�s Table on Somerset Street, begun in 2013, takes many forms. Cathedral parishioners volunteer each week to serve meals, clean up and chat with participants and staff; others are on the board and dedicate their time and expertise to the development of this newest diocesan ministry; still others give in-kind gifts of expertise in the field of graphic design and communications.

The Cathedral�s Food for the Table mission project is a concrete improvement in the planning and preparation of the daily meals for participants.

The Food for the Table project has promised $1250.00 a month from donors. The total annually is $15,000.00 and we have committed this sum for three years. Each month a cheque is sent from the Cathedral. This amount comes from the gifts and monthly pledges of parish members and fundraising activities. The transfer is not taken from the regular operating budget.

Gwynneth Evans

Servers' Guild

Members of the Servers' Guild assist the clergy during worship

This small but faithful group, also known as Acolytes, perform various roles - from bearing the cross (crucifer) and tapers to lead processions, to assisting in the preparation of the Altar for Eucharist, to setting-up and tidying the Sanctuary and Chancel for all major parish and diocesan events held in the Cathedral.

Denise Gomes

Sunday School

Parents who wish to have their children attend and/or parents who wish to volunteer their services, may meet Gabrielle (or the teacher on duty that day) in the new nursery and Sunday School space (in the crypt area of the lower floor) on Sundays from the Sunday after Labour Day to the 3rd Sunday in June from 10:10 to 10:25 or at Coffee Hour following Sunday 10:30 Services.

Activities include learning, singing, crafts and, of course, snacks! The average age of children currently attending the School is between six and seven years. Older children enjoy helping the younger ones with crafts; younger children enjoy this special attention and interaction, which makes a happy environment for all. As the Sunday School grows, children may be grouped into more age-specific classes.

The School follows the "Seasons of the Spirit" lectionary program which includes children's lessons as well as support materials for teachers. This program helps teachers adapt lessons so they are accessible to different ages and learning styles, and gives guidance on how to prayerfully reflect on the scripture passage of the day.

Josephine Hall
(613) 236-9149 ext 19


How to Contribute

There are a variety of ways to contribute to the financing of the Cathedral and its ministries - both current and future. Regular offerings can be made through pre-authorized giving, weekly envelopes, open offerings at worship services or other events, or charitable payroll deductions. Special gifts can be made through instruments such as publicly-traded securities or bonds, annuities, trusts, wills and life-insurance policies.

Regular Offering

You may add to your regular offering and/or direct a portion of your regular offering to the Cathedral Trust, the Music Trust, or Restoration. You may do this through:
  • weekly envelopes
  • open offerings at worship services or other events
  • online donations
  • charitable payroll deductions - for example, through The United Way.


Please use the attached form to make your offering to Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa by eGiving - preauthorized, automatic monthly debit. Canadian banking regulations require us to use forms designed by FaithLife Financial, our service provider.

If this is your initial enrolment to eGiving, please complete the form and attach a "Void" cheque. If you wish to modify your current eGiving, simply complete the form. Please submit all completed forms to the Cathedral Envelope Secretary. Thank you for participating in eGiving to Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa

Special Gifts

There are circumstances and occasions which you may wish to mark with a special donation to Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa.

You may consider it important to personally:
  • help secure the Cathedral's current scope of ministry and operations
  • play a special part in supporting the Music Ministry, and help the Ministry advance in standard and scope
  • help support the restoration and preservation of the Cathedral's special and unique historic fabric.
You may wish to express thanksgiving for a particular service or for a specific element of ministry or life at the Cathedral.

You may also wish to mark personal events - such as baptisms, birthdays or anniversaries - with a gift to the Cathedral.

You may find the Cathedral Trust, the Music Trust, or the Restoration fund an appropriate designation for memorial donations.

Contributions can be made by cash, cheque and by transfer of publicly-traded securities. Cheques and transfers should be made to: Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa Music Trust, or Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa Trust Fund, or Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa with a direction of funds to Restoration. Receipts for income-tax purposes will be provided for all donations.

Endowment Program

The Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa Endowment program is a pool of capital gifts and bequests, whose income provides a source of revenue for the ministry and operations of the Cathedral.

The Endowment Fund has three portfolios: Ministry, Music, and Restoration.

The portfolios hold the Cathedral Trust, the Music Trust, the Restoration Fund, and some named trusts.

The Cathedral Trust and Music Trust were created by the Church on the base of notable initial endowments by parishioners. Both these funds are controlled by policies established by The Cathedral Corporation and Vestry. Donors to either fund can specify a particular use for their donations; or, they can contribute to the fund in general.

Both Trust funds are in need of substantial contributions. Why should you consider donating to the Cathedral Trust or Music Trust?

Benefits to the Cathedral include: a regular source of annual income; a special source of income that can be used to launch new ministries or expand existing programs and activities; a growing capital base to provide security and stability for the Cathedral's longer-term survival.

Benefits to you? Of course, these will be personal to you. They may include: enhanced support of a ministry or program that is particularly important to you; a stronger sense of personal involvement and ownership in the Parish; a lasting legacy in the Cathedral - a living legacy and a memorial legacy; an enduring thanksgiving or tribute or memorial to the Cathedral, or your family, or a special person.

Cathedral Trust

The Christ Church Cathedral Trust Fund was established in 1965, for the "perpetual support and for the benefit of Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa or its works". The Cathedral Trust supports the full range of the Cathedral's ministry. A well-endowed trust fund is essential to sustain the Cathedral's ministry - to improve it, to expand it, and take it into the future.

Income and capital gains from the Fund are provided to the Parish for capital projects and current operations selected by The Cathedral Corporation and approved by Vestry. Annual disbursements for the Cathedral's operating budget have typically been in the range of $15,000 to $30,000 since the mid-1990s.

Over the same period, contributions toward capital projects have been more substantial - approaching $1 million in all. The largest contribution from the Trust's capital - $600,000 in 2002 - enabled an essential restoration of historical Lauder Hall and construction of a new 'Link' corridor and cloister. This project, marking the centennial of the Cathedral, made the Cathedral buildings fully accessible, functional and inviting as a centre of ministry in the Nation's Capital. Since the mid-1990s, other payments totalling more than $300,000 have been made from the Trust's capital to refinance Cathedral obligations and to enable various upgrades and repairs to the Cathedral premises.

The Cathedral Trust may also provide bridge financing or loans for parish initiatives. For example, a stand-by loan provision has been made for many years as annual support to the work of the Restoration Committee.

Henry Schultz
Nicholas Galambosa
Denise Gomes

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is exactly that: It plans and ensures your contribution to Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa... in the short term or over a longer period.

Planned giving formalizes your intent to play a special part in sustaining Christ Church Cathedral and in enabling the Cathedral to advance its ministry and programs and activities.

Using Planned Giving, you can turn your assets into gifts for Christ Church Cathedral.... and, at the same time, receive a direct financial benefit, yourself.

Planned gifts can be made by cash/cheque or future commitments such as:
  • gifts of publicly-traded securities
  • gifts of appreciated property
  • charitable bequests through a will
  • gifts of life insurance
  • gifts of stripped bonds
  • charitable gift annuities
  • gifts of residual interest
  • charitable remainder trusts.
Gifts can be made with specific personal direction, to the Cathedral Trust or Music Trust or Restoration, or for the general use of Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa. Gifts can be assigned by total sum or as a specific percentage of assets.

For more information and consultation on Planned Giving and Endowments, please contact:

Josephine Hall
(613) 236-9149 ext 29

Tax receipts are issued for all donations.

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