The Ten Safe Steps

For screening staff and volunteers who will be in contact with vulnerable people


We are a community within which love, justice, truth, peace and self-discipline are nurtured and valued. It is sad that this has not always happened. Some men, women and children have been hurt by people they should have been able to trust, and in places where they should have been safe.

Screening is designed to exclude any who are unsuitable or likely to offend. This approach will make our programs safer for:
  • children
  • the frail elderly
  • the physically disabled
  • the mentally vulnerable
  • our dedicated volunteers.
We like to think all our members are dedicated, and every Anglican congregation is "just like ours". The vast majority of our members are indeed above reproach but we must not close our eyes to the facts.

We must morally, legally and spiritually do all we can to make sure our church, its clergy, paid and lay workers, and the participants in our church-sponsored activities are as safe as possible.

Our Lord teaches and invites respect for all and that all in the Church must be safe.

The overall aim for this policy is to ensure that there is a safe environment in every parish, ministry, and activity.

This includes children, seniors, any who are physically, emotionally, or spiritually vulnerable, and those who serve in our churches and ministries.

Our mission - our policy
Since the earliest days of the church, we have come together to worship and live out our faith. As a people of faith we reach out to those in need. We counsel, we help, we teach. Each of us brings unique gifts to share. At the core of this spiritual helping is a sacred trust which must be protected and never misused. We desire that our Church be a clear symbol of the Kingdom of God - a safe and holy place for all whom our ministry touches. Therefore it is the policy of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa that all clergy, staff and volunteers who come into contact with vulnerable people be screened in a manner appropriate to the ministry or job being undertaken.

The Ten Safe Steps

Before you recruit
1 Determine the risk
2 Write a clear volunteer ministry description
3 Establish a formal recruitment process

Choose the right person
4 Use an application form
5 Conduct interviews
6 Follow up on references
7 When appropriate, request a Police Records Check

After hiring/accepting
8 Conduct orientation and training sessions
9 Supervise and evaluate
10 Follow up with program participants

They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord. Isaiah 11.9

The Ten Safe Steps brochure (PDF)

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