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The diocesan Stewardship Subcommittee offers a variety of resources in the areas of education, mentoring and consultations to parishes to encourage them in their ministry of stewarding God's world.

Implementable ideas for your stewardship ministry:

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Electronic Giving

Capital Campaigns

  • Ministry and Money International
  • Consultants

Parish Visioning
A parish with a clearly-stated vision and defined ministry goals will be well supported by its members, and it will attract new members. The vision will help people to clarify their Christian identity (to be disciples). It will focus the use of parish resources, and it will help to build the Kingdom of God – to make the dream of God come to reality. These resources have been designed to help parishes and congregations discover their vision and plans for ministry. They are comprehensive guides for parishes with single congregations as well as for multipoint parishes.
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Narrative Budgeting
A narrative budget is a representation of the line item budget in easy-to-read, descriptive terms. It transforms a line item of money and expenses into an exciting and enlivening picture of ministries and missional expressions of the congregation. A well-composed narrative budget will educate and inspire everyone and provides the connecting link between the giver and the congregation's ministries. Use your narrative budget to create the booklet that is part of your stewardship package every year.
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Children and Stewardship

Conferences, Workshop & Events
  • TENS Conference

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    The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter

    The Art of Hosting
    The Art of Hosting is a highly effective way of harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size. Based on the assumption that people give their energy and lend their resources to what matters most to them - in work as in life - the Art of Hosting blends a suite of powerful conversational processes to invite people to step in and take charge of the challenges facing them. Groups and organizations using the Art of Hosting as a working practice report better decision making, more efficient and effective capacity building and greater ability to quickly respond to opportunity, challenge and change. People who experience the Art of Hosting typically say that they walk away feeling more empowered and able to help guide the meetings and conversations they are part of move towards more effective and desirable outcomes. More information and training sessions are available at the Art of Hosting website.

    Stewardship as a Way of Life
    These links provide many excellent ideas and opportunities to focus on stewardship as a way of life throughout the year. Ideas for stewardship education with children, youth, young adults and families are included as well as a focus on stewardship of creation, justice, local and global communities and much more:

    The popular 50 Ways to Build Strength series provides tips for building strength in areas of ministry that are vital to church growth.

    In this link, you will find stewardship and discipleship materials for both parish leaders and individuals to help them be Good Stewards and walk along their spiritual pathway of life, developed by Glen Mitchell, Diocese of New Westminster.

    The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS)
    TENS is an association of church leaders who understand, practice, and proclaim God's call to generosity. Visit the TENS site to access stewardship resources for congregations, including its annual financial stewardship resources. Parishes in the Diocese of Ottawa are invited to call the Stewardship Office at 613-232-7124, ext. 225, for the login and password.
    Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
    ELCA developed "Stewards of God's" Love, a resource you can use for doing year-round stewardship ministry in your congregation. It is designed to equip you with themed activities, Bible verses, best practices and new ideas to ignite year-round stewardship in your congregation.

    Year-Round Stewardship Calendar
    We are accustomed to thinking of stewardship in terms of an annual financial stewardship campaign. It happens once a year. But stewardship is not an annual "event" we hold in October. Stewardship is what we do with all that God has given us, all the time. This calendar takes stewardship out of the "annual occurrence" category and places it where it should be - right in front of us, all year round. Each month the church season is explained, and a theme is identified around which individual and congregational activities might take place in five categories: Spiritual Growth, Ministry Spotlight, Financial Health, Outside Ourselves and God's Creation. The calendar is in this link.

    EDGE is a living web of new and renewing ministries. It works with congregations across Canada in areas of new and renewing ministries, communities in crisis and ideas worth sharing. Renovating, repurposing or rebuilding property is part of its focus as is a viability assessment tool to help congregations assess their financial giving trends and volunteer capacity.

    Renew 52 e-book
    Renew 52:50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders under 50 is a free e-book, edited by David J. Lose in 2012, which features short essays from 54 Christian leaders in 15 different traditions. The authors are guided by the conviction that congregations are the primary place where the Spirit is at work for the renewal of the church.

    Luther Seminary
    The Centre for Stewardship Leaders encourages congregational leaders as stewards, tells congregational success stories and gives you powerful communications tools to lift up our call to stewardship in God's world.

    Resources for Mission, Anglican Church of Canada
    General Synod's Resources for Mission team has compiled a wealth of stewardship resources available at this link.

    Anglican Diocese of Toronto
    Some excellent stewardship resources are included in the stewardship section of the Diocese of Toronto website, such as congregational stewardship resources for offertory giving, proportionate giving and year-round stewardship.

    Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF)
    ECF partners with congregations, dioceses and other Episcopal and Anglican faith communities by empowering them to engage in visioning and planning, develop effective lay and clergy leadership teams and raise financial and other resources for ministries. ECF's programs, products and services help congregations respond to the changing needs of the Church.

    Share Save Spend
    Nathan Dungan, founder and President of Share Save Spend, is an industry thought leader on helping youth and adults link their money decisions to their values. He speaks and consults nationally with organizations and families on the topic of money and the effects of the consumer culture on money habits. Nathan's simple, accessible framework helps people of all ages develop and maintain healthy money habits that last a lifetime.

    Keynote Stewardship Talks by the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry

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