Serving God's World Grants for Parishes

When thinking leads to action... strategic, community-focused, effective action on a large or small scale... parishes respond to the needs in their community or area. They are also responding to a challenge laid down by our strategic plan. The Diocese of Ottawa has set aside a small fund to assist parishes in developing, beginning or growing ministries that serve the world God loves.

What's new
Proposal deadlines 2012
Proposals from parishes for Serving God's World program funds will be collected and reviewed twice this year. The respective deadlines are April 1, 2012 and November 1, 2012. There is no set application procedure and form, because each project will be different in scope, form and content. Nevertheless, the hallmarks of a good proposal are clear. More information.

How to qualify for a grant
To qualify for a Serving God's World grant, you must prepare and submit a proposal. There is no set application procedure and form, because each project will be different in scope, form and content.

The hallmarks of a good proposal

  • The sense of Christian mission is clearly defined and is fulfilled through the activities of the project
  • The sense of Christian mission pushes the parish/ministry into the field of community service
  • Is program-based or supports defined program needs.
  • Originates in or is supported in a significant way by a parish of the Diocese of Ottawa and is clearly endorsed and supported by the parish
  • The ministry/project/activity is done in partnership with others (when appropriate)
    • Responds to a clearly defined need in the community

Downloadable resources:
Helpful questions to answer as you prepare a proposal
Serving God's World: Focusing Ministry Outward Parish Workbook

Sample questionnaires to use when researching community needs

For more information:
The Reverend Canon Dr. William Prentice
613-232-7124, Ext. 232

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