Serving God's World

Our Diocese enables people to serve God's world?
The Diocese of Ottawa is enthusiastically engaged in an initiative that goes by a variety of titles, including "Serving God's World", "Community Outreach", "Focusing Ministry Outwards" and "Parish Outreach". Regardless of the title, parishes of the Diocese of Ottawa are thinking more and more creatively about the needs of their communities, neighbourhoods and districts.

Serving Our World grants for parishes
When thinking leads to action...strategic, community-focused, effective action on a large or small scale...parishes respond to the needs in their community or area. They are also responding to a challenge laid down by our strategic plan. The Diocese of Ottawa has set aside a small fund to assist parishes in developing, beginning or growing ministries that serve the world God loves. More information

To serve God's world by engaging in community-focused, needs-driven, outward-turning action, there are other established paths to follow in this Diocese.

Community ministries
Parishes and committed individuals choose to add their time, resources and energy to the ongoing outreach of the staff and directors at our established community ministries. More information

Committees devoted to issues and social action
By joining and/or supporting a social action committee active in the Diocese, many local Anglicans help raise awareness, relieve distress and encourage change. Sometimes these committees have a short lifespan, responding to a pressing concern or particular passion. Others, including those noted below, are well rooted in the life and activity of this Diocese.

Bishop's Child Poverty Initiative
In his 2009 Charge to Synod, Bishop John Chapman expressed a strong desire for our Diocese to develop a concerted response to the growing problem of child poverty here in our region. More information

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