Real Estate Advisory Panel

Bishop John Chapman has established the Real Estate Advisory Panel, which provides him with advice on matters pertaining to the stewardship of our real estate. At the Bishop's invitation, the Panel also provides advice and support to parishes and other groups in the Diocese, particularly in the following areas:

  • Redevelopment for best possible use of property
  • Repurposing of property for renewed ministry
  • Property issues at time of parish amalgamations

Working with Bishop John, the Panel also seeks to build our diocesan capacity in addressing real estate issues for the long term by:
  • Inviting theological reflection
  • Facilitating ongoing conversations
  • Conducting ongoing research
  • Indentifying best practices
  • Recommending polices and procedures

From time to time, the Panel provides counsel to other diocesan groups whose work can raise real estate considerations:
  • Property and Finance committee, which oversees real estate governance in the Diocese
  • Parish Growth and Renewal consultants, who provide integrated services for parish ministry

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Presentation to Congregational Resource Day, May 2014

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