Professional development

Bursaries available
The Diocese of Ottawa has a limited amount of bursary money to assist in clergy's continuing education. The funds are available because of two generous benefactors.Clergy are advised to submit an application as soon as they have identified a "professional" or "academic" programme they wish to attend. CLICK HERE for more information and an application form.

Continuing Education Plan
From and after 1977, each stipendiary clergy in the Diocese shall be a member of the Continuing Education Plan of the General Synod and shall be subject to the provisions of Canon XII of the General Synod and its regulations; except that those clergy who become eligible to be a member of the Plan after attaining the age of 60 years may choose not to be enrolled in the plan.

The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa has a Clergy Self-Care Guide, written by clergy for clergy. Its content is intended as a collection of guidelines, not rules or regulations.
The first section notes the importance of:

  • daily time for prayer and scripture reading, and regular retreats;
  • regular exercise and healthy eating habits;
  • supportive relationships outside the communities served;
  • family, household, and community time;
  • community involvement and appropriate friendships;
  • healthy emotional and physical boundaries;
  • time off: at least eight days off per 4-Sunday month, national and civic holidays (with days off and holidays accumulating only during the year in which they occur);
  • annual vacation;
  • continuing education including periodic study leave;
  • examination and evaluation of personal, professional and vocational development, at least every two years;
  • participation (averaging not more than one day a week) in inductions, clergy and Synod meetings, committee work, and other activities outside the parish;
  • financial stewardship and tithing (or moving toward the tithe).

Topics addressed in the guide include: stress, single and ordained, married and ordained, sexual boundaries, clergy confidentiality, and discretionary funds.

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