Policies of the Diocese


Policies of the Diocese - Administration
Clergy Personnel Policy (2008)
The policy addresses these topics: appointments, duties and responsibilities, compensation, benefits, evaluation, conflict resolution, termination of appointments. There is also a policy (2003) on sexual misconduct.

Prepayment of CEF loans (2007)

Withholding monies from the CTF in the short term (1970)

On Allowing Parishes to Use Money from CTF (2010)

Signing legally binding agreements & contracts

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Policies of the Diocese - Safe Churches
Privacy Policy
The Diocese of Ottawa follows ten principles when handling personal information.
Each office, agency and parish of the Diocese must assign someone to serve as privacy contact, responsible for coordinating the application of the Privacy Standards Policy and for receiving any queries on privacy matters.

Screening in Faith
All clergy, staff and volunteers who come into contact with vulnerable people must be screened in a manner appropriate to the ministry or job being undertaken.
Every position, paid and volunteer, within the diocese requires a detailed position description.

Sexual Misconduct Policy (2003)
Sexual misconduct is a serious matter for the whole faith community. All allegations of sexual misconduct will be fully investigated, appropriate legal and disciplinary measures will be taken, and the healing and protection of persons and the community will be promoted.

Workplace Harassment Policy

Workplace Violence Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy


Policies of the Diocese - Worship
Same Gender Blessings
The freedom is extended to all parishes of the Diocese, individually and free of precedent, to offer a rite of blessing to same-gender couples civilly married, where at least one party is baptized. An appropriate rite will be prepared in consultation with the Bishop.

If a priest and community feel that a request for a blessing from a same-gendered couple civilly married is appropriate, the priest, with the full support of corporation and council, will request permission from the Diocesan Bishop, in writing. Permission must be sought for every occurrence. No priest and parish will receive authority to proceed with same-gendered blessings without written permission. (2011)

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Privacy Standards Policy: It is our intention to comply fully with Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act;
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