Officers and Directors

Officers of the Diocese
President of the Synod and the Bishop of the Diocese
   •  The Rt. Rev. John Chapman, BA, MDiv, DMin, DD
Dean of Ottawa
   •  The Very Rev. Shane Parker
   •  Robin MacKay
   •  Sally Gomery
Chancellor Emeritus and Solicitor
   •  Canon Alan R. Winship
Master of Ceremonies
   •  The Rev. Canon Catherine Ascah
Secretaries of Synod
   •  The Rev. Dr. Robert Sears
   •  Kim Chadsey
Archivist/ Registrar
   •  Dr. Glenn Lockwood
Commissioner of Cemeteries
   •  Alan Fowler
Ecumenical-Interfaith Officer
   •  The Rev. Canon John Wilker-Blakley
Stewardship Development Officer
   •  Jane Scanlon
Matrimonial Officer
   •  The Ven. Susan Churchill-Lackey
Lay Readers Warden
   •  The Rev. Canon David Andrew

Archdeacons of the Diocese
   •  The Ven. Mary Ellen Berry (Arnprior, Lanark)
   •  The Ven. John Bridges (Carleton)
   •  The Ven. Mavis Brownlee (West Quebec)
   •  The Ven. Susan Churchill-Lackey (Ottawa East)
   •  The Ven. Peter Crosby (Ottawa Centre)
   •  The Ven. Robert Davis (Pembroke)
   •  The Ven. Christopher Dunn (Ottawa West)
   •  The Ven. Dr. Peter John Hobbs (Director of Mission)
   •  The Ven. Frank Kirby (Stormont)
   •  The Ven. David Selzer (Executive)

Regional Deans of the Diocese
   •  The Rev. Darlene Cunliffe (Pembroke)
   •  The Rev. Karen Coxon (Arnprior)
   •  The Rev. Richard Durrett (Ottawa Centre)
   •  The Rev. Linda Hill (Ottawa East)
   •  The Rev. Pat Martin (Arnprior)
   •  The Rev. Éric Morin (West Quebec)
   •  The Rev. Doug Richards (Stormont)
   •  The Rev. Carolyn Seabrook (Carleton)
   •  The Rev. Margo Whittaker (Ottawa West)

Directors of the Diocese
   •  Director of Mission
      The Ven. Dr. Peter John Hobbs
   •  Director of Financial Ministry
      Michael Herbert

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