Ministry to the Armed Forces

Ministry to Armed Forces personnel is a continuing need in today's world. Large numbers of young people continue to enter and serve in the military, and subsequently return to civilian life at the end of their tour of duty.

Parochial ministry to those who serve in the Armed Forces should include prayers and recognition when they leave for active duty, when they return home on leave, and when they finally return to civilian status. Placing these people on parish mailing lists and sending them an occasional letter does much to cement home ties and bring the service person home as an active parishioner.

There is also a need to recognize and support the work of military chaplains. In the Regular Force there are 45 Anglican chaplains and in the Reserve Force there are 35, representing approximately 22% of the chaplaincy of the Canadian Forces. These chaplains come from dioceses across the country and the Bishop Ordinary is grateful that they have been made available for this ministry.

The Anglican Military Ordinariate of Canada
Composed of all of the Anglicans in the Canadian Forces and linked to bases, wings, and formations, the ordinariate is proud to be a part of the ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada. To be in touch with and mutually encouraged by congregations is a blessing.

The Right Rev. Peter R. Coffin
Anglican Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Forces

The dreaded knock: What can possibly be worth a soldier's life?
By: LEE LAMBERT - Anglican Journal, September 2010

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