Marriage and blessings

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Guidelines for marriages
Responding to new responsibilities regarding place of marriage and the remarriage of divorced persons, the Diocese issued a set of marriage guidelines in 2006. These guidelines do not replace the provisions of Canon XXI, with which all clergy should be familiar, nor are they a complete statement of those provisions. They do, however, address reasons for weddings outside a church building, and the suitability of locations. The new process of remarriage is not intended to be a set of "rules and regulations" through which people must pass, but rather a pastoral opportunity.
 • Marriage in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Guidelines
 • Pastoral Guidelines for Interchurch Marriages (between Anglicans and Roman Catholics in Canada)  • Referral information for clergy

Same gender blessings
If a priest and community feel that a request for a blessing from a same-gendered couple civilly married is appropriate, the priest, with the full support of corporation and council will request permission from our Bishop, in writing. Permission must be sought for every occurrence.
Practical guidelines include:

  • Permission in writing must be sought from the bishop and signed by incumbent and wardens with concurrence of parish council
  • The same-gendered couple, civilly married, must be in an existing pastoral relationship with the clergy and parish
  • At least one of the couple must be baptized
  • No formal liturgy is outlined or sanctioned, however there are seven related guidelines to be observed.

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