Governance is responsible for developing and maintaining principles and processes for effective decisions and procedures in the Diocese. It oversees related activities such as nominations, assessments of our system of governance, and the development and review of committee mandates and profiles.

Focus on governance

  • Developing and maintaining policies and processes for effective governance consistent with the principles established
  • Reviewing and recommending changes to Diocesan Council processes and procedures to optimize the council's effectiveness
  • Maintaining current and applicable terms of reference for Diocesan Council, committees, subcommittees and task forces, as well as reviewing special governance arrangements for major projects and initiatives
  • Reviewing the canons, bylaws and regulations of the Diocese that pertain to governance matters at least annually and recommending any changes to Diocesan Council
  • Maintaining, and overseeing the execution of, an orientation program for new council and committee members
  • Managing periodic assessment of council and committee structure and performance, and overall governance effectiveness
  • Collaborating on the establishment and oversight of subcommittees.

Focus on nominations
  • Managing and maintaining the nomination process for Diocesan Council and committees
  • Managing a governance recruitment strategy and tools for the recruitment and nomination of council and committee members to strategically attract new members
  • Identifying and soliciting candidates for nomination, and making nominations for Diocesan Council members
  • Maintaining the council and committee composition matrixes, reviewing the composition of the council and committees and ensuring there are sufficient nominees to meet required and desired profile
  • Monitoring the term of office of all council members and proactively confirming members who will be renewing their terms.

Membership and composition
Governance is composed of a maximum of eight members. At least two members and no more than one-third must also be members of the Diocesan Council.

The committee includes a mix of clergy and lay members. A minimum of one member is drawn from the rural regions of the Diocese.

  • Canons, Bylaws and Regulations
  • Nominations and Committee Development
  • Synod Management

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