Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) Campaign


In October 2009, Synod passed a motion presented by its Financial Development Panel to assess, plan and implement a financial development and fundraising strategy for the Diocese, beginning with a planning feasibility study.

From that moment to the September 2011 launch of the landmark GIFT Campaign, the leadership team issued these key documents:
Planning Feasibility Study Final Report, prepared by Murray McCarthy and Martha Asselin of Ministry and Money International
Diocese of Ottawa Case for Support - Your Parish
GIFT Donor Frequently Asked Questions
GIFT Clergy, Lay Leaders and Campaign Volunteers FAQs

Campaign leadership
The campaign leadership team includes Bishop John Chapman, Monica Patten (Campaign Chair), Don Newman (Honorary Chair), Judy Darling, Michael Herbert, Peter John Hobbs, Peter Martin, Grant McDonald, Derwyn Sangster, Jane Scanlon, and Jamie Tomlinson. Clergy advisors are: John Bridges, Mavis Brownlee, Chris Dunn, Brian Kauk, and Manassé Maniragaba.

Campaign goal
GIFT aims to raise $12,000,000 over five years for:

  • strengthening congregations
  • focusing ministry outward
  • educating leaders, and
  • connecting with the wider church.

Approximately 74% of GIFT campaign money is for parishes, with 50% going directly to parishes for the needs they identify in their own Case for Support, and 24% from the diocesan portion for: parish vitality, children and youth, parish outreach initiatives, lay leadership development, the Bishop's Child Poverty Initiative, curacies and clergy formation. Each of the Diocese's 72 parishes will be asked to contribute to the goal according to their means.

Campaign prayer
  • Blessed are you, Lord our God, creator of heaven and earth,
  • You create the fruit of the land to sustain our families and neighbours,
  • You nurture the church, loving communities of faith, deepening our relationship with you and with one another,
  • You offer us the gift of baptism and the sacrament of Christ's body and blood so that we may be fed and filled with your Holy Spirit,
  • You bless us with generous hearts so that we may support the outcast, the hungry, the sick and all those who long for intimacy with Jesus,
  • You fill us with determination to be mindful of the ministry and mission to which we are called,
  • And you call us to generous support of our parishes, diocese and the wider church.
  • Blessed are you O God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Further information
For additional information about the GIFT campaign, visit
GIFT Campaign website

or contact
Jane Scanlon, MLS, MA
Diocesan Stewardship and Development Officer
Telephone: 613-232-7124 , ext. 225


GIFT Gazette

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