Our partnership with the Diocese of Jerusalem

The Women's Jerusalem Gathering is taking place from November 5 - 18, 2016 including women from the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa and the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. The two dioceses have been in partnership together for many years. The Women's Gathering is hosted by Ms. Shafeeqa Dawani, spouse of the Most. Rev. Suheil Dawani and was coordinated with long-time friend, Catherine Chapman, spouse of Rt. Rev. John Chapman, Bishop of Ottawa.

A few years ago, Archbishop Dawani and Mrs. Dawani were visiting the Diocese of Ottawa and they both spoke at the Ottawa Synod. During the presentations, conversation and questions raised by the women of the diocese, Shafeeqa and Catherine recognised the need for "our women" to get together to talk and to listen to each other's stories. Here it began, what is to unfold in November is the result.

•  Prayer for Jerusalem Partnership & Travelling Delegates

•  Suggested Book List

  1. Felicia Agyare-Kwamena
  2. Patricia Bays
  3. Margaret Bloodworth
  4. Stephanie Boyd
  5. Shirley Brathwaite
  6. The Rev. Canon John Bridges
  7. Catherine Chapman
  8. The Rt. Rev. John Chapman
  9. Margaret Coleman
  10. Marnie Crossley
  11. Heidi Danson
  12. Sharon Fleming
  13. Sylvia Giles
  14. Cindy Hurst-Boyd
  15. Kiersten Jensen
  16. Roxanne Latulippe
  17. Peggy Lister
  18. Susan Lomas
  19. Lori Marsh
  20. Lynn Meredith
  21. Monica Patten
  22. Sheila Pepper
  23. Hilary Rathwell
  24. Jane Waterston
  25. Claire Watts
  26. Marianne Wilkinson
  27. Leslie Worden

Bishop Dawani The Anglican Archbishop Suheil Dawani of Jerusalem reflects on 2014

In recent months, Church leaders have expressed concern about the departure of a rising number of Christians from the Middle East...

Read more and view video here

Bishop John watches signing

Bishop Suheil Dawani of the Diocese of Jerusalem and Bishop John Chapman of the Diocese of Ottawa put their signatures to a plan for ongoing cooperation, during a service in Jerusalem early in November, 2011. Bishop Chapman was visiting with a delegation from our diocese.

Partnership formalized with Diocese of Jerusalem
On November 6, Bishop John Chapman and Bishop Suheil Dawani of the Diocese of Jerusalem signed an agreement that seals the Diocesan relationship. At the same service, Bishop John preached on the parable of the bridesmaids. He and his wife Catherine, the Rev. John Bridges and his wife Gail, the Rev. Jan Staniforth, the Ven. Christopher Dunn, Monica Patten and Cornerstone's Sue Garvey made up a delegation from this diocese that travelled to Jerusalem, the Galilee and Ramallah at the end of October, 2011, visiting churches and institutions. The Bishop and his delegation also spent time visiting with Bishop Suheil and Mrs. Shafeeqa Dawani at their residence. Among the delegation's luggage were several boxes of children's books donated by well-wishers from across the diocese.

Photo Glenn Bloodworth

How the partnership developed
In October 2009, Bishop John Chapman announced that, following a request from Archbishop Fred Hiltz, the Diocese of Ottawa was entering into a formal partnership with the Diocese of Jerusalem.

The purpose of such partnerships is to build relationships - mutual prayer and conversation - across the Anglican Communion. The Diocese of Jerusalem features regularly on our diocesan prayer list and other connections are being forged. It is expected that this partnership will be in place for at least five years at which time the relationship will be evaluated.

In 2010, Bishop John introduced a motion to the national church about strengthening the partnership with Jerusalem, and established a Jerusalem Panel that includes Canon John Bridges and Ms. Margaret Bloodworth here in this diocese. He hosted Bishop Suheil Dawani and his spouse Shaffeqa in Ottawa, where they visited a variety of ministries and met our archdeacons, and went on a reciprocal visit to Jerusalem with panel members, in October 2010.

Also in 2010, The Rev. Kerri Brennan undertook an extensive student placement in the Diocese of Jerusalem sponsored by the National Church and returned to speak of her experiences around the diocese. If you would like Kerri to speak in your parish please do not hesitate to contact her. Email The Rev. Kerri Brennan

"What we have discovered from each other," reports Bishop John, "is that there is much we each have to learn and contribute from our time together." Accordingly, and in due course following a visit this Autumn, some parishes in the diocese will be encouraged to venture into a partnership with a particular parish in the Diocese of Jerusalem. The autumn trip will also focus upon those particular ministries directed toward women in the Diocese of Jerusalem.

His office has received newsletters from or about our companion diocese, linked below, and recommends the background article from our national church's news service.

Questions and suggestions about this active partnership should be directed to the Bishop's Office.

From 1998-2008, the Diocese of Ottawa's companion diocese was the Diocese of Pelotas, in Brazil.

Jerusalem Women's Conference

Approximately 30 women from around the Diocese of Ottawa, along with Bishop John Chapman, Catherine Chapman, and Archdeacon John Bridges will be visiting our partner Diocese of Jerusalem. Mrs. Shafeeqa Dawani, wife of Archbishop Dawani, and Catherine Chapman will be co-hosting three one day conferences in different parts of the diocese. As well, the conference participants will be visiting diocesan ministries, women's cooperatives, and different parts of the Holy Land.

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