How to apply
For deployment in the Diocese of Ottawa, please contact the Executive Archdeacon. With contact, please send your resumé or curriculum vitae, including employment history.

Leavetaking, including time off for holidays, sick leave, bereavement, parental leave, Sabbath leave, disability, etc. is all governed by the Clergy Personnel Policy of the Diocese of Ottawa. Please check with your area Archdeacon or the Executive Archdeacon of the Diocese for particular questions or situations that may arise.

Letters of agreement
When clergy are newly appointed to positions in the Diocese of Ottawa they receive a letter of appointment from the Bishop, which outlines their stipend and responsibilities. The details of this letter are worked through with the area Archdeacon and the Executive Archdeacon. For further clarification, clergy can contact both and the Bishop.

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New to the Diocese
New clergy are welcomed to the Diocese and given opportunities, scheduled on a periodic basis, to learn about the Diocese of Ottawa and its ministries, including an orientation to the Synod office and its resources. The bishop's office will contact new clergy, and the area Archdeacon will contact new clergy, and the other clergy of the Diocese will contact new clergy. For more information, new clergy are invited to contact the Synod office and the Executive Archdeacon with questions and queries. Reminder: There are NO dumb questions!

Parish profiles
When there is a vacancy in a parish of the Diocese of Ottawa, the parish works with its area archdeacon or appointed representative to produce a parish profile, which is then distributed within the Diocese (and frequently beyond) for a certain period to advertise the parish to the Church. This profile gives information to the Church about its size and ministries and what it seeks in its clergy. Clergy are then invited to respond to the Diocese of Ottawa by submitting their names indicating interest in the position by a certain date.

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Positions open
The Diocese of Ottawa through its area archdeacons keeps a list of positions open, and by posting parish profiles invites clergy to submit their names for consideration. For further information, clergy can contact the Executive Archdeacon.

Supply clergy
When congregations are in need of priests to provide Eucharists, they can contact the area archdeacons for information on how to reach priests who might be available. The Synod office produces a directory of clergy, both active and retired that might be helpful in procuring clergy available for services; wardens and clergy are advised to check with the area archdeacons first, however. Rates for services and per diems, which are to be paid by the congregation (as well as travel expenses, if they are beyond normal mileage) are established by the Diocese.

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