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What is it?

Embracing God's Future Embracing God's Future is an initiative of Diocesan Council, a process of strategic thinking and prayerful discernment launched in January 2013.

Council mandated an undertaking to be guided by spiritual practice and theological reflection, honour the diversity of the diocese, remain open and transparent, and face the ministry and fiscal challenges of our day.

Conversations: Embracing God's Future was the first phase of the initiative that asked people across the diocese to respond to the question, "What is God's dream for the Church. The first phase wrapped up in November 2013 after eleven events, an e-version on the diocesan website, 500 participants, and 2000 comments that contributed to the development of the Embracing God's Future Prayer that guided the second phase of the initiative.

The prayer that was set before us, like so many other prayers, will evolve and grow as we pray it and listen for how it will be realized as we continue our journey of Embracing God's Future.

Embracing God's Future: Continuing the Conversation was the second phase of the initiative that unfolded in Spring 2014. A toolkit resource was developed that allowed individuals to facilitate groups in their own contexts - be it a parish, a Diocesan Committee, or a home. Seven training sessions with over 160 participants in total were trained to use the Toolkit in their parish or group. Between April and June 2014 events took place across the diocese. Event leaders entered the data collected from their continuing conversation via an online data collector and/or via mail. Over eighty group events, 55 individual submissions and over 650 participants contributed responses to the Prayer and ideas for priorities and practices to guide the unfolding of the prayer in our Diocese in the future. (To be reminded of the toolkit resource you can find it here)

From June through September 2014 the data was analyzed and reflected upon by many individuals and Diocesan Council. A Roadmap, honouring the vast grassroots engagement from across the diocese, was created including priorities and practices to guide the Diocese into God's future.

That Roadmap is in front of us now. To discuss, to discern and to accept as the beginning of a journey that embraces God's future in our parishes, deaneries, ministries and diocese as a whole.

At Synod 2014 after open discussion, a motion for approval of the Embracing God's Future Roadmap will be presented. If accepted, the Roadmap will return to Diocesan Council for implementation in the work of the Council and our committees. At the same time parishes, communities, ministry groups, and individuals will continue to embark on the journey as the Embracing God's Future Prayer and the Roadmap unfolds in their contexts in different ways.

You are invited to join in the beginning of the Roadmap journey ~ a journey that over 1200 participants have boldly claimed this diocese is ready to embark on.

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