Community Ministry

Community Ministry strengthens, broadens and enhances the Diocese's ability to serve God's world by providing support, leadership and oversight to our established community-focused ministries.

Currently, four programs are recognized as community ministries of the Diocese: Centre 454, a day program for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness; The Well/La Source, a gathering place for women and women with children; Cornerstone, a women's shelter and source of supportive housing, and The Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre, which provides psychotherapy counselling services.

Community Ministry has authority over matters related to their programs, services and budgets. In particular, Community Ministry is responsible for:

  • Overseeing programs and services within its mandate
  • Ensuring programs and services are consistent with the mission and strategy of the Diocese
  • Recommending, if needed, any change to the vision, goals and strategies of individual programs and services
  • Reviewing program and service requests and proposals, and providing them to Diocesan Council as required
  • Developing approaches to monitor the effectiveness of programs and services
  • Reporting to Diocesan Council on program effectiveness
  • Providing advice and feedback to program leaders on program development and performance
  • Providing oversight of related legal entities within its mandate
  • Working with community partners to identify solutions to community issues
  • Identifying and promoting awareness of issues, trends and emerging needs in the broader community in concert with diocesan policy and other diocesan communication initiatives
  • Working in concert with Governance and Audit to provide oversight of key risks
  • Reviewing the canons, bylaws and regulations of the Diocese that pertain to community ministry matters at least annually, and recommending any changes to Diocesan Council
  • Establishing and overseeing subcommittees, in collaboration with Governance.

Membership and composition
Community Ministry has a maximum of 12 members. At least two members and no more than one-third of the committee are also members of Diocesan Council.

The committee includes a mix of clergy and lay members. A minimum of one member is drawn from the rural regions of the Diocese.

Key areas of expertise are: social work or social justice; fundraising; law; financial management; government relations; human resources management, and operations management.

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