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Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, Coat of ArmsThe red cross on white, known as the cross of St. George, is often found in Anglican coats of arms as a reminder of the connection to the Church of England, St. George being the patron saint of England. In this particular case, the cross of St. George was likely used also as a reference to the Diocese of Ontario, out of which the Diocese of Ottawa was created in 1896. The cathedral (and oldest parish) of the Diocese of Ontario is named for St. George, and the diocesan coat of arms is composed of the cross of St. George with an open Book of Common Prayer at its centre.

The crossed key and crozier are found in a number of diocesan coats of arms in the Anglican church of Canada, including those granted to the Diocese of Toronto in 1839. Their inclusion here could allude to the fact that the Diocese of Toronto once covered all of Ontario. The key and crozier are symbols of the apostolic and pastoral aspects of episcopal authority.

The tree, saw and coronet in the top section of the shield are the crest (i.e., the emblem above the shield) of the Duke of Hamilton, chief of the clan Hamilton. In Scottish heraldry, all members of a clan may use their chief's crest as part of a "clan badge". Here, the Hamilton crest honours the first Bishop of Ottawa, the Rt. Rev. Charles Hamilton.

As is the custom with diocesan coats of arms, a bishop's mitre is placed above the shield.
- Bruce Patterson

E.M. Chadwick, designer of the coat of arms


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Coat of Arms
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