Registered Charities Return (Form T3010)

The following link takes you to the CCRA web site, where you can choose to print a blank form, print it, then fill it out and mail it in. You could also link to the online form, which can be filled out while you are still at your computer, then returned electronically. If you do this, be sure to print the final version before shutting down, as it does not save the completed form for you. CCRA Charities Return (T3010) for 2010

You might need help while completing your return for 2010, so try this link. How to complete the CCRA Charities Return (T3010)

3 Recommendations
On the advice of the Risk and Audit Committee, it is recommend that all parishes when completing the CRA's T3010 Registered Charity Return, include the annual Parish Fair Share and equalization remittances made to the Diocese on Line 5050 "Total gifts to qualified donees excluding enduring property." You might be doing this already, but for those parishes who may have reported these expenditures elsewhere on the form, it is suggested that you make this change. By doing so, all parishes will conform to the standard practice.

With regard to the number of people employed in your parish, it is recommended that you fill in the appropriate numbers on the Form T3010, regardless whether they are paid through the diocesan central pay fund or directly through the parish.

A third recommendation from the Risk and Audit Committee is to remind parishes to submit their T3010 on time (by June 30th), so as not to risk losing their charitable status. A couple of parishes have, in fact, lost their charitable status in the last couple of years, which has caused a great deal of upset and consternation for those parishes, and especially for those parishioners who donated monies and were expecting tax receipts.

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