Anglican Church Women

Anglican Women ACW? What's in a name?
The women of the Diocese of Ottawa had a name change from Women's Auxiliary to Anglican Church Women a quarter of a century ago! What's in a name? Lots! As well as being interested in the missionary element, we include all the women of the Church, of all ages and interests. Because we all have gifts which we can share, whether they be music, choirs, teaching, taking our full part in the service and work of the Church, having fun, going to plays, taking trips, having picnics?we are not as stuffy as our initials might suggest.

Bales for the North
Once again the Anglican Church Women of the Diocese of Ottawa are sending bales to Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, Fort McPherson and Aklavik, Northwest Territories. Look in the events section of this website to find dates and locations of bale packing? usually in April and May.

Look over the list of needed items and zero in on one item (new items only please) that you could make or perhaps supply the where-with-all for someone else to make.

  • Quilt: (very ambitious commitment)

  • Household items: sheets (cotton and flannelette), blankets, pillowcases, towels, face cloths, dish-towels and dish-cloths, pot holders, aprons, curtains, tablecloths.
  • Clothing: jeans (all sizes, especially large, especially men's), underwear (especially adult sizes), sweaters, flannelette nightgowns, men's work socks, cotton dresses (sizes 18-40), lined leather/thermal gloves and mitts.
  • Baby clothes: layettes, sweaters, bonnets, nighties, vests, jumpsuits, receiving blankets, diapers, sleepers, warm outer clothing, bedding, any unbreakable supplies.
  • Knitted articles: sweaters, mitts, socks, gloves, scarves.
  • Toys: story books, stuffed toys, games, puzzles, paints, crayons, paint/colouring books, dolls, balls, other small, flat items.
  • Sundries: wool, knitting needles, sewing thread, needles, pins, thimbles, material (3-4 meters), mother's bag (including brushes, hairpins, combs, safety pins, tooth paste/brushes, soap and sewing items)?these bags should be about 10" x 15" with a draw string.

If you wish to give any of these items for the bales, please contact Dorothy Berg 257-5307 of the diocesan ACW Executive before the end of April. Thank you.

Contacts: Leslie Worden at 613.747.2197 or Evelyn Presley, Evenings: (613) 445-2089

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