The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (AFP)

The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (AFP) is an in international prayer organization for both men and women particularly but not exclusively in the Anglican Communion. The Canadian branch is active in Dioceses across Canada, and is active throughout the Ottawa Diocese.

AFP seeks to increase and strengthen the companionship of prayer throughout the world. We believe that the essence of the life of the Church is the relationship between Jesus Christ and it's members. That relationship is, first of all, a prayer relationship. Prayer is the hub of the wheel that moves the Church in its worship and it's work. Since prayer is essential to the vitality and the ongoing life of the Church, the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer seeks to share with all Christians the spiritual empowerment of the churches by:

  • Teaching people how to pray

  • Developing effective prayer groups

  • Offering opportunities for contemplative prayer through quiet days and retreats

  • Providing information, education and nurture for those who pray

  • Calling the Church to always to give prayer it's rightful priority

  • Serving as a reliable resource on the life of prayer

  • Promoting a spirituality based on biblical principles

  • Supporting, co-operating with, and uniting the Church through prayer

The Ottawa Diocese has an active AFP network with approximately 30 Representatives in parishes. Under the leadership of the AFP Diocesan Representative together they provide encouragement and prayer resources. One of the most noticeable ministries of the AFP is the coordination of an on-site Prayer Vigil during Diocesan Synods.

The Ottawa for AFP Diocesan Representative is Paul Dumbrille, who is available to provide information, lead Workshops & Seminars. He can be contacted at: 613-225-0806,


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